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Setting Up A Website

If you want your own website you need three things: a domain name, web hosting and some web pages.

- Your domain name is the name of your website (e.g. www.my-site.co.uk) which will also form part of your email address (e.g. my.name@my-site.co.uk).
- Web hosting refers to the space on the hosting company’s computer where your website is stored and accessed.
- Web Pages are what you see when you visit a website. They are written in a computer language such as HTML or XML and contain the text, pictures, videos or other content that you want on your website. They are then transferred to your web hosting to be viewed using a web browser.

Domain names and web hosting services are available from a number of companies on the Internet. These companies let you check if the domain name you want is available and offer a variety of different web hosting packages. These packages start from around £40 per year and vary in the amount of storage space, number of email addresses, support services and bandwidth available to you. At The Digital Wizard we use Krystal Hosting but there are many different hosting companies available. Simply search for ‘domain names’ or ‘web hosting’ in a search engine.

You can design and create your own web pages in a number of commonly used software packages such as Microsoft Word or in specific web design programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver. Alternatively you can get someone to design them for you at a cost ranging from a few pounds to many thousands of pounds.



Our Services and Costs

If you want your domain to be registered in your own name and want to manage your own hosting but are unsure of how to go about it then we can come to you and help you through the process. Once your domain name is registered we can then guide you through installing an FTP client to upload your web pages, setting up email accounts, choosing email server type (POP or IMAP) and setting up your email on your computers, tablets and smartphones. Please note that this price does not include the cost of domain registration and hosting which you will pay directly to the hosting company.

Website Setup Support Service (one-off cost): £150.00

If you would prefer to have your website's administration all taken care of for you, we can register and administer your domain name and website on your behalf. We will then upload your website and set up your email addresses. This service includes the cost of registering your domain and your hosting and so will have an ongoing annual cost which will be subject to increase in line with the hosting company's prices.

Domain Registration and Administration Service (annual cost): £120.00

If you don't have your own web pages then we can design a simple website for you using images and content provided by you.

Basic Three Page Website: £150.00



Further Information

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