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Computer Services and Networks

Networking covers many areas of the modern digital home. We can set up your home computer network, be it a wireless or fully wired Ethernet system (or both!) We can help you get set up, troubleshoot connection issues and integrate all your devices which are connectable to the Internet, e.g. TV boxes, audio systems, games consoles, energy monitors and many more. This is an increasingly busy area and many things are possible; digital integration is one of our areas of expertise.


We can also help with other areas of computing: re-installing your operating system, transferring emails from an old to a new computer, rescuing files from an old hard drive, helping you to back up your data and much more.

We are also now starting to install and optimise remote home control systems which allow you to control your home in your absence via the Internet or your smartphone. If you would like some help with this please give us a call. We are always happy to help.

More Information

Network & IT services and prices


Pictures of previous installations


Contact us on 01353 675075 or enquiries@thedigitalwizard.co.uk


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