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CCTV Installation


Our client needed a high quality CCTV system with the facility to access the system when they were away from home.


We installed a four-camera day/night CCTV system with a large capacity hard drive recorder which has the facility for more cameras should they be required in future. The discreet cameras were mounted outside the property and the control system for the PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera was connected.


Once the cameras were positioned to our client's satisfaction we set up network access and tested both local and remote viewing of the system using a tablet computer and smartphone.

Installed CCTV cameraPan, tilt and zoom cameraView cameras on a fixed screen or tablet computerRemote access via smartphone app Fitted camera is small and discreetInstalled CCTV cameraStylish HDD video recorder


Contact us on 01353 675075 or enquiries@thedigitalwizard.co.uk


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