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Cabled Gigabit Ethernet Network


We were aksed by a customer to install a fully wired Ethernet network into his home, enabling fast and easy transfer of large photo and high definition video files.


"Why?" I hear you ask! "What is wrong with a wireless router?"


Good question; that was exactly what his wife asked. It was, of course, because he is a bloke. Well, it was because he is a bloke with an awful lot of Internet connectable gadgets and devices. He wanted to be able to conect the TVs in each room to his media server to allow fast and relible streaming of HD video content and he also wanted to be able to stream the Olympics from his laptop in whichever room of the house he happened to be in when the synchronised swimming was on.


We made and supplied custom length network cables for connection of these various devices to make sure everything was kept tidy!

Incidentally have you ever tried comparing the speed of doing this using a wireless router with a that of a wired Ethernet connection? The difference in speed is astounding! See the last two pictures in this gallery for the difference in the time of transferring a large video file via a wired or wireless network.

He works from home so wanted his home office computers and printer fully networked, so we helped him with all that while we were there as well.


Well, we like to help!

Installed network switch2-port ethernet wall plate2-port network wall plate installed in the wallSingle port network wall plate installed next to a standard wall socketData transfer via wired network at 84.6 MB/sec 4-port ethernet wall plate2-port ethernet wall plate4-port ethernet wall plateTwo computers connected via cat6 network cablesData transfer via wireless network at 1.5 MB/sec


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