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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you like projectors?

Essentially there are three reasons why we at The Digital Wizard prefer projectors: size, price and aesthetics. 

• Size: projectors can produce images much larger than a standard television, they also have the added flexibility of being able to produce a smaller image when or if needed.

• Price: simply, projectors provide a much better price-per-inch than comparable televisions. Indeed, for a budget projector you could actually pay less than for a flat-screen plasma or LCD television.

• Aesthetics: having a big screen is wonderful when you want to experience high definition films, sport, computer games and television, but having a big black box as the focal-point of your room when you’re not watching is much less desirable. So, with a projector, when the television is off it is essentially not there. This effect is enhanced with a motorised or manual roll-away screen.

 There is more information on projectors on our Projector Information Page.


Are projectors suitable for all houses?

Probably not, although we have yet to come across a house for which there isn’t a suitable projector. Rest assured that if we came to do an assessment of your house for the purposes of installing a projector and thought that it wasn’t suitable, we’d tell you.

We’ve installed projectors in modern houses, old houses and out-buildings, in small rooms, large rooms and normal sized living rooms. So far we have always been able to install a system suitable for the house. There is more information on projectors on our Projector Information Page.


Can I watch TV on a projector?

Yes! You can watch anything on a projector that you can watch on any other type of TV.


How much does it cost?

A guide to our prices is set out on the Prices & Services page. For any prices not listed on this page, please give us a call on 01353 675075, drop us an email at enquiries@thedigitalwizard.co.uk or send us a message via the Contact Us page.


Who are you?

The Digital Wizard is a small, family-run business, made up of three partners: Richard, Jonathan and Lorna Jarvis. We are based in Cambridgeshire and have been trading since 2008.

We all have a belief in projector-based home cinema systems being the best option for large-screen viewing at home, and a desire to bring this big screen experience to everybody in their own home. Find out more about us on the About Us page of this website.


Are you insured?

The Digital Wizard is fully covered by Public Liability insurance.


Are the products you install guaranteed?

The products we install are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty; The Digital Wizard offers no extended product guarantees at this time.


Are your installers qualified?

Our lead installer – Richard – has the DHTI+ (Digital Home Technology Integrator) certification, provided by CEA-CompTIA (the Consumer Electronics Association/Computing Technology Industry Association). 


A home cinema is going to be £10,000+ isn’t it?

Some companies try to keep the home cinema market “top end”. We offer a range of home cinema packages at the affordable end of the scale starting for as little as £1000 to add on a HD home cinema projector into your existing set up, or from around £2355 for a fully installed HD projector package. Of course if you’re not bothered about HD then it could be even cheaper. See our prices page for outline prices. Do call us for a chat if you’re interested. No hard sales, we promise!


What is “High Definition” and is it worth it?

Is it worth it? High Definitely! The difference between standard definition and high definition is akin to the difference in picture quality between VHS and DVD (for anyone old enough to remember VHS!) The bigger screen you have the more important the number of pixels that make up your picture becomes so, for projected images, HD is most definitely worth it.


Why won’t my computer work?

Have you tried a “hard reboot”? Computers get tired. Sometimes you just need to switch them off. Wait 1 minute and switch back on again. If this doesn’t work give us a call.


Can you recover my files if my computer dies?

In most circumstance, yes we can. We can do file recovery, computer set up, data back up and networking.


What about 3D?

We will happily install 3D ready projectors and TVs. However, there is still much debate about whether or not 3D is really going to take off. The technology is still hampered by a number of drawbacks: the need to wear glasses, the discomfort and headaches some people experience when viewing and the dearth of good quallity, non-gimmicky, made-for-3D content. Manufacturers are moving away from 3D towards even-higher-definition screens (2K/4K and Super Hi-Vis) and fewer films are being made with 3D in mind. One potential area of growth is gaming, where a player can be immersed in the game they are playing by 3D technology. But, until viewing 3D is as easy and comfortable as viewing normal 2D TV, it is unlikely to become the standard for watching TV and films.



If you have any other questions, please do get in touch with us. Telephone 01353 675075, email enquiries@thedigitalwizard.co.uk or send a message via the Contact Us page.



If we have not answered your question above then you can contact us on 01353 675075 or enquiries@thedigitalwizard.co.uk


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